Keyaki Aikido

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Aikido 合気道

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art for training body and mind through joint practice. Aikido translates to the way of unifying energies.

In Aikido, an attack is not blocked, but redirected through fluid and seemingly effortless movements. This is achieved by merging with the movement and intent of the attacker while remaining calm and balanced. Aikido is not about winning and losing, and there are no competitions in Aikido.

We are a mixed group of Aikido practitioners ranging from beginners to advanced, and we practice together for fitness, fun and focus.


Getting on the mat and joining a class is the best way to see what Aikido is all about. Adult newcomers are welcome throughout the year.

Beginners usually wear comfortable sports clothes with long pants – or a white martial arts suit if available. An advanced Aikidoka wears a black or blue hakama, a traditional samurai pantskirt. And an Aikido master wears a black belt instead of a white one.

Feel free to contact us for more information. Or come along for a free trial.


De Yp
Oeverwallaan 130
2498 BK The Hague (Ypenburg)

  • Practice hall (dojo) on the first floor
  • Accessible via stairs and elevator
  • Free parking at the front door
  • Bus stop around the corner


Thursday (no summer break)
20:00 – 21:00All lev­els
21:00 – 21:30Ad­vanced
Sa­­tur­­day monthly (summer break during Jul & Aug)
21 Sep · x Oct · 16 Nov · 7 Dec · 21 Dec
14:00 – 16:00Advanced


The membership contribution is € 120 per calendar year. When registering in the second half of the calendar year, the membership contribution for that calendar year is € 60.

We are associated with the Aikido Bond Nederland via the Dutch Aikikai Foundation, providing for insurance, grading and teacher training, among others, which requires an additional contribution of € 40 per calendar year (students € 20).

We follow the Aikido world headquarters Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan and the line Tissier in France, however we are open to other Aikido backgrounds and styles.

Dutch Aikikai Foundation
Aikido Bond Nederland


We practise Aikido in Ypenburg, a district of the city of The Hague. Ypen (Iepen ) means elm trees in Dutch, just like Keyaki  in Japanese. Its Japanese character 欅 depicts a tree 木, a hand 手 and two people working together 與.

Martin (4th Dan) has been practising Aikido for about 30 years, holds a black belt in Aikikai Aikido and is a certified martial arts teacher.

Mark (3rd Dan) has been practising Aikido for about 20 years, holds a black belt in Aikikai Aikido and is a certified martial arts assistant teacher.

Ivo (1st Dan) has been practising Aikido for about 10 years and holds a black belt in Aikikai Aikido.


Keyaki Aikido

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